Beginners Guide

Stop swiping right on Tinder, and start swiping your credit card. The Perfect Swipe is the perfect resource for all things travel, credit cards, points, and maximizing your spend to reach #boss status. Learn the tricks of the trade from an expert who has made it work – minimize airline coach seats and maximize your Vegas suites.

The Perfect Swipe is your go-to resource for tips on how to maximize your spending benefits and make your wallet work for you. We’ve spent the last year identifying the best cards, loyalty programs, and everyday cheats to get yourself that last-minute Spring Break to Cabo that you’ve been waiting for.

Here at The Perfect Swipe, we operate with a few cardinal rules:

  1. Always be the first to throw down your card at a group dinner. Every point matters – especially if you have 2x points at restaurants (cough Chase Sapphire Preferred cough)
  2. Stay aware of your credit score – Credit Karma is not a scam, we promise
  3. Opt-in to all rotating credit card offers. Amex, Discover, and Chase are big on this with their cash-back cards. If June is 5x cash back on Home Depot, let’s find a reason to shop at Home Depot
  4. You’re at a bar? Buy the first round. Follow up on your friend’s massive hangover with a nice Venmo request the next day
  5. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure – Credit card offers are not junk mail. Look out for targeted offers sent to your mailbox
  6. Avoid coach flights whenever possible, choose an airline loyalty program to maximize your benefits
  7. Don’t be afraid to open multiple credit cards if the offer is right. Big wallets = big payouts
  8. Cash is for the pizza place across the street that doesn’t take credit cards
  9. Annual fees are sexy if you make them work

We’re looking forward to getting this started! Follow us on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages for updates. All inquiries at [email protected].

Get your cards ready, it’s going to be a wild ride!