Have an AMEX? You’re probably not using its best perk.

Do you spend money? 
Do you have an AMEX? 
Ever look at your AMEX Offers? X

One of the absolute best (& least known) perks of being an American Express cardholder is the #AmexOffers! Amex Offers are targeted deals that typically offer a monetary return or bonus rewards for spending a certain amount in locations that you likely already shop. The offers range from hotels, retailers, restaurants, etc. These offers are available on all direct issued American Express cards like the Delta American Express, the American Express Platinum or the American Express Starwood card.


A few of this month’s Amex Offers.

Where do I start?

Option A: The easiest way to access the latest offers is through the American Express smartphone app (iOS | Android) or directly on AmericanExpress.com. From there, you’ll be able to view and add the offers to your card. Shortly after meeting the spend requirements at the location, you’ll receive a confirmation email that you’ve met the offer requirements and you’ll see a statement credit a few days later. It’s that easy!

Option B: You can navigate to AmexOffers.com to link your Facebook or Twitter accounts and add any relevant offers directly from your social media account!

Year to date, I’ve already saved $250 with another $300 of offers added to my account! If you have an AMEX with a high annual fee, this certainly helps cover or subsidize the annual fee.


My year to date Amex Offer savings on one of my cards

Let us know in the comments which offers you have in your account!

TPS Pro Tip: If you have multiple American Express cards, open each card’s offers in a separate tab so that you can add them all at once. If you don’t, once you add an offer to one card it will be removed from another card.

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