This App Is Revolutionizing Shopping

I recently discovered Raise, a gift card marketplace for buying & selling discounted gift cards, while I was shopping for a new piece of luggage at T.J.Maxx. I was looking for the larger version of a Tumi suitcase I bought last year and shockingly T.J.Maxx had the exact size & color I was looking for at a 43% discount!

When I went to checkout I remembered the Raise app and decided to try it out and check if T.J.Maxx was listed – it was and even better it was listed at a 18.2% discount! I found a $600 gift card that would cover the luggage & tax for just $491. The gift card I wanted was labeled as online only, but the cashier was able to just type in the gift card number & pin and I was on my way.

Raise Marketplace

A few types of gift cards on the Raise app & site

The thought of getting an additional discount on everything I purchased was incredibly exciting. I started to look closer at the app and realized that nearly everywhere I shopped was listed…

  • Starbucks 5.5% off
  • CVS – 10.1% off
  • J.Crew – 8.8% off
  • AMC Theaters – 9.8% off
  • iTunes – 9% off
  • The list goes on and on…

The gift card marketplace is a revolutionary way to save significantly on every purchase. Whether you’re a shopper trying to save or someone who has a unused gift card sitting around that wants to cash in – Raise is for you! Think of it as the “eBay for giftcards”.

TPS Pro Tip: Start checking the Raise app or site before making your purchases to save every time you swipe. Many of the gift cards are available instantly so you can purchase and redeem on a whim. Join Raise and get $5 to spend on your first discounted gift card purchase when you use TPS link here

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