The American Express Platinum Card just got 5x sweeter!

We’ve covered all of the benefits with the American Express Platinum Card in the past, but Amex has thrown us a curve ball with an exciting new perk!


Starting October 6, you’ll receive 5x points for flights booked directly with the airline or through! This is a huge change considering you only received 1x points per dollar on all transactions in the past – even on travel. This change comes as no surprise though as the competition due to the new Chase Sapphire Reserve heats up.

If you have the American Express Platinum, be sure to make this your card of choice for all flight purchases giving you anywhere from 5-10% back depending on how you redeem your membership rewards.

In the end, competition is good thing for us consumers! We’ll see if this change helps Amex fend off Chase and in the meantime we’ll gladly take this new change. We’ll call this current match TIED.


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