Free Uber Alert! (if you have an Android Phone)

TPS reader Nicole just tipped us off to a great new Uber promotion! Uber has teamed up with Android Pay to offer riders up to $50 of free Uber over the next month!


The catch? nothing. Simply pay with Android Pay and you’ll get up to $5 off your next 10 rides.

If you don’t use Android Pay, it’s Google’s solution for mobile payments and in-app purchases. It’s pretty easy to set up and can be linked to your existing credit card.


Our recent trip showing the Android Pay discount!

Here’s what to do:

  • Download and set up Android Pay on the Play store
  • Open your Uber app
  • Add Android Pay as a payment option in the Uber app
  • Make sure to select Android Pay in the confirmation screen when requesting a ride and you will get 50% off 10 rides* (up to $5 per ride) now through 10/15
  • No need to apply any additional codes

Let us know in the comments if you decide to take advantage. Thanks for the tip, Nicole!

Source: Android Pay

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