How to be an Uber PRO (for 21.5% less)

We all use Uber (hopefully) as an alternative to owning a car or as an affordable way to get around the city. If you’re like me and probably rely on Uber a little too much, here’s 3 tips to get the most of your spend with Uber.



1. Capital One Card: See This Month’s Top Card Offers

We wrote last month about the importance of the new Capital One Quicksilver offer. It allows you to get unlimited 20% cash back for every single Uber ride, plus the normal 1.5% cash back that the card offers. That’s 21.5% cash back for each ride!

We grabbed the card and have started seeing the statement credits come in and they add up quickly! Since the card has no annual fee, we highly recommend you to consider this if you’re a heavy Uber rider. You can use this card as your everyday card, but we recommend use this card for only your Uber spend and grabbing a Chase Sapphire Preferred or another similar card to maximize each dollar spent.



2- New Users: 

If you’re a new user, always be sure to sign up with a promo code to save $20 off your first ride. If you need a promo code, just use this link to save $20 off your first trip! Always share your code with your friends as you recruit new users – the $20 credits add up quickly!

3- Know Your Rating!

Did you know that you’re getting rated the same way you rate your drivers? It’s important to keep your rating high so that you can continue to use the great platform! Check your rating here.

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